Pitch It @ MDEC August 2015

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15 participants presenting their App Ideas to the guest panelists from the industry.

My role was to help them finding the keywords that best describe their ideas as well as developing live prototypes.

Course content

Engaging your client from the outset

- What clients want; how clients decide
- Know your audience is key; preparation is essential
- Target your pitch on client concerns and issues
- Plan and yet remaining flexible
- An opening winning formula

Building rapport

- Create the right impression at a new business pitch
- Project and articulate to build interest and intrigue
- Use posture and movement to add impact to your verbal messages
- Developing clarity and understanding with the client
- Core concerns; ensure they become transparent
- The language for success; adapting to personality and gender

Powerful consulting

- Posing “silver arrow” questions with confidence
- Challenge and support to gain deeper understanding
- Listening and questioning skills
- Summarizing, paraphrasing and rephrasing

Difficult conversations

- Manage emotional triggers and steer discussions when emotions run high
- Deal with objections using a tried and tested framework
- Handling questions

Closing on a high

- Gaining commitment and agreeing next steps

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